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Ferhat's Birthday

Wild and crazy fun.

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Yesterday was my buddy Ferhat’s birthday. The day before I decided that I wanted to make him a card and try to have as many people sign it as possible. To my surprise, I was able to get a lot more people to sign than I originally thought. My plan was that I would give it to him the next day (his birthday) and that would be that. However, my friend, Parichay, came up with the idea that we should give it to him at midnight with a cake. My other friend, Akash, went out and bought the cake while I was busy getting card signatures. The new plan was that we would give Ferhat the birthday card at midnight and have a little cake. This plan was added onto as people kept signing the card. Everyone else wanted to take part in the celebration and be there when we gave him all of the stuff, so we started to tell people to show up at midnight for the festivities.

Midnight came around and EVERYONE showed up, including Ferhat. He was wondering what was going on. Pari and I snuck out to get the cake and card, and we all surprised Ferhat with them. I thought that would be all, but little did I know… the simple card-giving and cake-cutting turned into what I think is a traditional Indian birthday celebration. It was absolutely crazy and brilliantly fun to watch. I should mention that Ferhat was a great sport, agreeing to take part in all of the rituals while everyone else watched. Although he was surprised, nothing happened against his will. I posted all of the good pictures in my album so definitely take a look. Now is when I begin telling you what these rituals were:

1. After cutting the cake, Akash went to feed a piece to Ferhat. That turned into a complete cake-smearing on Ferhat’s face to the point that it was completely covered.

2. With cake on Ferhat’s face, Parichay came behind him and smashed some eggs on top of Ferhat’s head. Very messy, got all over the floor.

3. Then Ahmit took a 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola, shook it up, and exploded/sprayed it all over Ferhat and the ceiling.

4. Being completely wet and sticky, Parichay then proceeded to dump flour all over Ferhat.

5. Then came the BIRTHDAY BUMPS. Basically 4 guys pick up the birthday boy by each appendage. Once he is hoisted in the air, other guys take turns kicking the dude in the ass. The number of kicks equals the age of the person, plus one for good luck. By the way, the kicks aren’t delicate.

6. Once his butt was completely sore, Ferhat then had to complete the last task of chugging a large quantity of alcohol. For this birthday, Ferhat was given an almost full bottle of wine.

Now I am not sure how often this happens in India, or whether or not it is in fact “tradition”. However, I will say that all of the Indian guys at this hoopla sure knew all of the rituals. I asked what happens for girls’ birthday parties. They said that none of this happens to girls, except maybe some cake in the face. Hearing this was a relief. It’s one of the few moments in my life that I am happy genders are treated differently. My birthday takes place while I am here. I gotta watch out! Hehehehe.

Enjoy the pictures.

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